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Yet Another Dev

Excuse me, but this history doesn’t start with a typical:

"My software obsession began when I was child with hours typing in programs on a Sinclair ZX80 or Spectrum."

I’m just another developer, probably like many of you. Currently working as an IT manager in the public sector with years of experience in the management of the entire network infraestructure, including BSD and Linux servers, vagrant, virtualization, firewalls and backup policies.

I studied:

  • MSc in Computer Science at Open University of Catalonia (Thesis based in the area of Network Computers)
  • Advanced Computer Security Certificate (Advanced security skills on Linux, Firewalls, VPN, MITM Attacks, IDS, Crypting) at University of Barcelona, Faculty of Physics
  • Professional Scrum Master Certification (PSM I) at

I’m focused on:

  • Web development with PHP, JavaScript & CSS
  • Laravel framework
  • TDD
  • SQL
  • Linux servers
  • Vagrant
  • Docker
  • WordPress Anti-Malware Security

You can find me on Twitter or Linkedin.

Thanks for reading!